10 Ways to Accessorize Your Tent

1. Heaters – Stay warm this winter by adding a heater to your tent set up

Heating Unit

2. Light set – Keep your tent up and running all day and all night with our light set that attaches right onto the tent frame


3. Add product details, photos or more branding with full or half walls that are easy to put up and take down

Blue Diamond Attachments

4. Counters to make your tent a mobile shop or bar. They’re easy to transport which makes them great for any mobile campaign.

Iced Coffee

5. LED lights to add some pizzaz to a roof or wall.

TentCraft Event Marketer 2013 Booth Set Up

TentCraft Event Marketer 2013 Booth Set Up

6. Flooring to complete the tent set up

Road to Sochi Momentum

7. Flags are always attention-grabbing

Performance Bicycle

8. Table cover to hide and brand the not-so-pretty event tables that you’ll see out there. No doubt the table cover puts you a step above the competition.

Sktrach Labs

9. Banners are great if you’re wanting to provide details or information that you can’t necessarily put on the tent.

Adventuress Retractable

10. And last but not least, our trusty footplates are a great way to ensure that your tent will not go anywhere, even if a little wind storm does brush through the event.

Nissan Footplates


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