The Right Tent Really Does Make A Difference

Sometimes, the best descriptions and selling points of your products are not the ones that your team spends hours trying to carefully craft. Sometimes the best advertising you receive comes from your customers. The following is an email that we received, along with a picture that does a much better job illustrating the difference of our product than we could ever do.


This weekend Raft Masters participated in an outdoor festival using the tent that tent craft built for us. This afternoon a wind storm tore through the festival destroying or severely damaging many of the other vendor tents, while I sat comfortable videoing from my tent, some of the less fortunate vendors attempt to hold their tents down as the wind bent and twisted the tent frames. I and many others were absolutely amazed how sturdy your tent was during the storm and how well it was built. I have had many compliments on the looks and craftsmanship of the tent since I purchased it. Just wanted to let you know. Good money spent! I attached a pic that I believe shows the difference in your product verses one of your competitors. I took this after the windstorm.


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