The Best Way to Represent Your School

We always look forward to attending the National Association of Collegiate Directors and Athletics (NACDA) conference each year, and this year is particularly fun for us because we are giving away a MASTERTENT! Colleges shape the future of our world, and it’s important that each school represent their brand well at games and events. We want the MASTERTENT to help complement and enhance one lucky school’s brand, which is why we have decided to give one away at the show. What’s the catch? The winner will be the person who puts the tent up in the quickest amount of time. Want some help? Check out this video of Jared who is famous at TentCraft for his quick tent set up skills.

Here are some of our favorite tents that we’ve done for various schools over the years. Which one is your favorite?

West Point 3 Notre Dame U of Arkansas at Monticello2 U of Akron



3 thoughts on “The Best Way to Represent Your School

    • Gary,

      It is clear you are cut from the finest cloth as far as your taste in universities go. We will make sure we represent the Spartans in an upcoming blog. Thanks so much for the love! Go Green!

  1. Yes, we have done a few tents for the Spartans! Word is that Sparty sleeps in a MASTERTENT every night. Give us a call at (800) 426-9496 and we’d be happy to talk MSU business with you.

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