10 Easy Steps for Quick Frame Tent Set Up

Frame tents are a great option if you’ll be leaving your tent up for days at a time because they’re strong and hold up well against the elements. Not only that, their large size really grabs attention to draw in large crowds to your set up. Our frame tents are also super easy to put up and take down. Here’s a 20’x20′ being put up by Jeff and Jared in less than 10 minutes in 10 easy steps:

#1) Lay ground cover

#2) Build perimeter with poles & connector brackets

#3) Install cross cables at all locations

#4) Unroll tent & loop webbing around corners

#5) Install ratchet straps

#6) Raise tent up on 2 legs

#7) Install the top tension straps & slightly tighten

#8) Install center pole

#9) Install remaining legs

#10) Tighten tension straps & anchor tent


Here are some recent projects that we’ve done:

TentCraft 20'x0

Our very own frame tent, TentCraft style. This one is a full digital printed 20’x20′ with a high peak roof.

Sun Chips 20'x20' Frame Tent

Sun Chips 20’x20′ frame tent used to raise breast cancer awareness

Casamigos 10'x15' Frame Tent

Casamigos 10’x15′ frame tent that will be set up outside of Comerica Park in Detroit all summer long.


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