Event Marketer Booth Breakdown

Event Marketer Booth

Event Marketer Booth Set Up

For those of you who are at Event Marketer in Chicago and haven’t checked out the TentCraft booth (conveniently located at booth spaces 315 & 316), by all means, stop by to see what all of the commotion is about! We’re featuring a ton of our accessories at this show that will definitely enhance any mobile marketing campaign. Here’s the breakdown:


  • DYE SUB ROOF: Our dye sublimation printer actually embeds the full digital print into the polyester material, making it impossible to scratch the image, no matter how many times the tent is put up or taken down.
  • LIGHTS: Light up your tent roof or wall with LED lights
  • TV MOUNT: Great for adding slideshows or videos to your booth display without a bulky TV stand getting in the way
  • DYE SUB UMBRELLA: Custom printed umbrella with our dye sub technology
  • DYE SUB FLAGS: Custom printed for any event to stand alone or attach to your tent
  • WHEELS: Allow for easy transport to and from events.
  • JAMBOX: One lucky winner at Event Marketer will get a Jambox courtesy of TentCraft.
  • TC WHISKEY: Everyone who stops by our booth walks away a winner after a shot of some local whiskey.
  • iPAD MOUNT: Another great option that encourages consumers to interact with your booth.

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