What You Can Learn from Clever Outdoor Marketing Campaigns

As consumers we are constantly bombarded with messages from companies who want us to buy into what they’re selling. There are always a few ads that stand out from the rest, but the majority of them tend to blend together.

As a company working on your marketing strategy, sometimes trying to find a way to stand out can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. With summer just around the corner, many companies are taking their strategy outside to interact one-on-one with the general public. What can you do to stand out from the crowd to make a positive memorable experience for the people that you meet on the road?

-First and foremost, incorporate social media. Use social media to generate a buzz about your event. Offer a giveaway that requires a shout out Tweet first (I got this amazing t-shirt from @TentCraft!). Not only will this create excitement about your booth, it will also generate traffic to your page from all of your consumers’ Twitter followers. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. And the best part is that it’s free!


-Create a problem, then offer a valuable solution. Check out Monster Camera’s strategy pictured here. No one wants blurry pictures, and their camera ensures that you will never have another blurry picture ever again. Present a problem that only your product can solve, and do it in a fun way like this.

Monster Camera

Escape from the horrors of blurry photos!

-Get your product into your potential customers’ hands. You know that your product is the best, but you have to help potential customers to understand that as well. They need to be able to see your products first hand to really get an idea of what you have to offer. Check out how IWC got people to try on their watches on the Subway.

Try it on, see how it feels!

Try it on, see how it feels!

-Do the unexpected. Humor always goes a long way, and if it’s done well the results can be amazing. This BBQ company uses humor and a rather inexpensive way of advertising to spread the word about their awesome products. Or look at this sign that shows how sharp the company’s razor blades are; sharp enough to cut pigeons in half! Something that stands out like this can’t help but spark interest.


Quick, grab some steaks!

Watch out birds!

Watch out birds!

-Finally, take notes as to what others are doing well and what could be improved upon. Checking out other booths and taking note of their strategies is a great way to get your own ideas flowing.


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