Marketing Fails

Every once in a while a marketing campaign finds its way out of a war room and to the public that makes pretty much everyone who sees it go “Huh?”


Recently, KFC gave us one of those moments. Their #IatetheBones campaign, launched to promote their new boneless chicken. After the launch of this campaign, it didn’t take the online world long to point out the obvious sexual innuendos or relate the tagline to Hannibal Lecter style cannibalism. A flood of tweets, comments and memes soon followed.
In addition, KFC is also getting a fair amount of backlash for this ad baring a striking resemblance to an ad that was released in Canada in the mid 2000s. You can watch the ad here


Not to be outdone, Hyundai Europe recently released a video titled “Pipe Job” depicting a man attempting to kill himself in his garage via carbon monoxide poisoning. Of course, he failed because the vehicle’s emissions are so clean. Although an intriguing approach, this campaign failed miserably and created a great deal of backlash. In fact, one article I found by Matthew Herper of Forbes actually included the line “I’m writing about it because I’m hoping this tarnishes Hyundai’s brand.”

belvedereAlthough the KFC and Hyundai campaigns had less than ideal results, they both fail in comparison to the ad released by Belvedere Vodka in 2012. From the negative comments, to the lawsuit filed by the actress featured in this less than ideal ad, a great deal could be said about this ad, however, in this case a picture really is worth a 1,000 words. I’m hoping this tarnishes Hyundai’s brand.” That by itself is a very powerful statement and shows they type of negative impact this ad had.

Obviously, this is only a small sample of the horrible marketing ideas that have made their way into the wild. What do you think is the worst ad? Give us your thoughts.


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