Getting Ready for Your Event – Booth Placement

From expos and tradeshows to conferences and festivals, it is that time of year where you need to be thinking about, and investing in, how your brand interacts with your potential customers at events. The first thing you need to recognize is what you are doing to make your business stand out from your competitors.

When it comes to booth placement, here are few things that you need to consider.
Everyone has heard the philosophical thought experiment “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” How about “If a company has the greatest product in the world, but no one can find the product, is it really the greatest?”

Don’t let your booth be a tree in an empty forest. Make sure your booth placement puts your brand in front of your audience. Try to:

  • Get a corner booth
    • Whether it is an outside corner, or a corner at the beginning of aisle, a corner booth increases the foot traffic that will pass by and potentially notice your booth.
  • Avoid dead spaces
    • If your event does not have a circular flow, make sure you don’t choose a booth space that people are not forced to pass by.
  • Advertise your booth location before the event so people know where you are
    • Having the right booth space is a huge benefit, but making sure the people that are trying to connect with you can easily find your booth helps ensure a better experience.
  • Understand the company you keep
    • Right place, right time. Cliché, but true. If your booth is located next to complementing, or competing products or services, there is a much better chance the foot traffic to your booth will be targeted and engaged in your message.

Be sure to check back as we discuss some of the other elements of creating a successful event, including Your Exhibit Design, Your Promotions and Your Booth Staff.


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