Music & Tents

TentCraft and Britten local teamed up to volunteer to take donations for Interlochen Public Radio (IPR) yesterday and today. IPR is a local, non-commercial station dedicated to providing fine arts and public affairs to a broad audience. The station is very involved with its listeners, and their participation is imperative to the station’s success. IPR is affiliated with Interlochen Center for the Arts, world-renowned school for students who are talented in fine arts. Many successful people have attended Interlochen, including Norah Jones (jazz singer & pianist), Sara Gilbert (actress, “Roseanne,” “High Fidelity,” “Riding in Cars with Boys,” “ER”), Frank Kelly, Jr. (Former VP of American Express, Inc.) and Lawrence Page (Co-Founder & President of Google Corporation).

IPR’s Debbie Poltorak, Technical Operations Coordinator, and Thom Paulson, General Manager, guided our volunteers through the donations-taking process. This year is the station’s 50th anniversary, and the station’s success is largely due to generous donations given by the station’s listeners. You can listen to both their News Radio and Classical IPR stations online on their website:

Liz, Maren, Ryan and Jenn taking donations for IPR

Liz, Maren, Ryan and Jenn taking donations for IPR

We are definitely music lovers, and have music playing in our office all day long, whether it be rock, hip hop, country or bluegrass. We’ve had the opportunity to build some great tents for several radio stations throughout the country. Check out these tents and you’ll see that music and tents go together like peanut butter and jelly.

R Communications 10'x10' mightyTENTs

R Communications 10’x10′ mightyTENTs

Martini Radio 10'x10' mightyTENT

Martini Radio 10’x10′ mightyTENT

Power 94 FM 10'x10' MASTERTENT

Power 94 FM 10’x10′ MASTERTENT

What are your favorite radio stations? Do you support your local airwaves? We’d love to hear from you, leave your comments below!


Interlochen Public Radio Website

Interlochen Center of the Arts Website


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