The Mercedes of Tents

We’re not joking when we say that we’re the Mercedes-Benz of pop-up tents. Our 5’x10′ MasterTent is the perfect way to showcase this luxurious vehicle.

5'x10' MasterTent with 66 lb. footplates

5’x10′ MasterTent with 66 lb. footplates

When you offer a high-quality product, you want to make sure everything that promotes your brand reflects that quality and style. A cheap, flimsy tent would almost seem insulting if used to cover this beautiful vehicle.

Our tent frames are handcrafted by Italian tentmakers who demand quality. We hand make all soft goods and do any custom fabricating here in Traverse City, Michigan. Each tent is carefully constructed to ensure that it’s not only durable, but that it looks good too.

Just like you can choose leather seats or a Bose stereo system in your car, you can accessorize your tent as well. The 66 lb. footplates add to the overall polished look of this tent. The plates are certified to hold the MasterTent in up to 31 mph winds, so the owner of this car can rest assured that his beloved Mercedes will be safe under this tent, even if it gets a little windy. Would you trust a flimsy tent to cover your car? Furthermore, would you trust a flimsy tent to promote your product and reflect your brand?

How we’re different

-Annodized aluminum frame is just as sturdy as steel but lighter, making it easier to transport and cheaper to ship.

Connecting elements on MasterTent are aluminum rather than plastic, making the tent much sturdier and longer lasting

-Plastic push button at top of tent which releases the tension on each corner – no more pinched fingers or struggling to put the tent up or take it down!

-Tension system ensures that roof is properly stretched across frame to ensure that your logo looks sharp and stands out

-Roof is reinforced at all points where it touches the frame

-Each part of the aluminum frame is clearly marked with a part number, making any needed replacements quick and easy – our tents aren’t throwaways!

-The 500 denier polyester material used for the tent roofs and walls is specially designed for tents and individually inspected to ensure quality. All material is coated to protect against UV rays and mildew, and is fire retardant and water resistant.

All sizes can be put up by one or two people in less than 90 seconds

Our MasterTent is strong (we may have mentioned this point before…), and can support the weight of a person doing a pull up from the center of the frame. Get your workout on while you promote your business!

What do you do to ensure that you’re creating a quality brand for your company? How do you go above and beyond? Leave your comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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